Martial Arts Classes in Lafayette

Martial Arts Classes Lafayette

Jordan Crider leads the Coed MMA class

If your wanting to start martial arts classes in Lafayette Indiana. You are in the right spot.

Whether you are simply looking to get fit or you want to be able to defend yourself in an emergency, martial arts classes can help.

Scroll down the page if you want to skip straight to our 14 Days of Martial Arts classes for FREE. Fill out the form below to get your FREE Trial program and our student director will call you to set up a visit and find out more about your goals. Scroll down to the form now.

Our martial arts gym in Lafayette focuses on teaching discipline, fitness, and confidence in a fun and comfortable environment.

Both children and adults can greatly benefit from our curriculum, which has been 25 years in the making. For those who truly want to learn martial arts moves that works, we even offer mixed martial arts training based on Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. Contact one of our instructors today to see how martial arts can change your life.

Check out the different Martial Arts classes that we offer at Victory Martial Arts Lafayette.

Victory Martial Arts Lafayette
2439 S Earl Ave
Lafayette, IN 47905 US

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Victory Martial Arts Lafayette

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Training MMA Classes is Exciting. You learn all aspects the Sport and the workout is Fast Paced.

mixed martial arts

When you take a Kickboxing Class from one of our Instructors you will be hooked

muay thai kickboxing

In Sport or Self Defense, Jiu Jitsu Classes will give you great confidence and physical stamina.


Kids love Martial Arts Classes! when taught right they learn important life skills that will give them an edge.

kids martial arts classes

The perfect balance for those who want to learn some practical Defense skills while focusing on Getting LEAN.

Self Defense Classes