Martial Arts Training Instructor shares Critical Tips & Shocking Facts on Bullying Issues.

After working with countless numbers of parents & their children, we have discovered a method that deals with bullying issues before they get out of hand and cause crippling damage to the Child’s Self Esteem.

In this first video, you will learn the 3 SIGNALS to look for to identify if your child has become the victim of bullying.

The video is just under 10 minutes but it contains what potentially may be the most important info you discover about YOUR child all year. Please watch it in it’s entirety.

YOU CAN WATCH IT IN FULL SCREEN for best experience!

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Karate Bully Safe Seminar

Now that you have learned what to look for and what to do if your child has been the target of a bully or bullies.

Next of course is, making sure your child has been EMPOWERED with the right info and training about dealing with bullying incidents.


That’s why we have created our BULLY SAFE Workshops serving Areas near Chicago (2 locations), Naperville, Forest Park, Orland Park and Arlington Heights.

In this 90 minute anti bullying workshop your child will learn:

anti bullying help for parents

  • The Difference between Teasing and Bullying. Harmless PLAY versus Harmful Harassment.
  • How to fight FIRE with WATER Verbal De escalation tactics.
  • Engagement Rules- When and when not to defend yourself.
  • The responsibility to not become a bully and WHY!
  • Cyber Bullying and what kids should know about internet bullying and dangers like slinder man and creepy pasta (You haven’t heard? this is the internet craz with 6th graders & up. It is so potentially dangerous to kids and most parents don’t know what it is!)
  • And Much More…


A FREE Comprehensive Training Workshop Teaching Your Child How to Handle A Bully All in a Safe and Fun 90 Minute class.

Our Instructors are sought out to by many private and public school systems to teach a condensed version of this very same program. Now you can register your Child FREE!

Fill out the form below for more DETAILS and to Register your Child for our BULLY SAFE Kids Safety Workshop.

After filling out the form you will be taken to a page with our current workshop schedule and one of our friendly Bully Safe Instructors will call you to answer questions and register your child if you interested.

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For a limited time we are ALSO offering all parents that fill out the form below a FREE 14 Day Martial Arts for Kids Trial Program. Your Child will have access to our Focus Building Kids Martial Arts classes.

We will have 2 weeks to show you how martial arts lessons at Victory can be the EDGE IN LIFE you’ve been wanting for your child.

Why are we doing this?

We have been helping parents and their children for the past 25 years. Our goal is to help parents raise Safer, Smarter, More Confident Kids and we make that our focus. Fill out the form now…

Fill Out the Form Below Now to Get More Info & Register Your (7-12 yr old) for Bully Safe Workshops Coming Soon:

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I understand this is a 100% FREE event and I will do my part to join with Victory’s Anti bullying message and get the word out

Appreciate you for visiting, I hope this has helped you and I look forward to working with you and your Child.

Yours for Rock Solid Kids,

Dion Riccardo

Founder Victory Martial Arts Academies

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