Looking for Training Lessons in Mixed Martial Arts for Kids and Adults?

Ok, your searching the web for Martial Arts schools near Countryside Illinois.

You probably already know that learning Combat Sports or Self Defense is great for CONFIDENCE, what you may not know is how impact-full training is on people of all ages.

Countryside IL - Victory Martial Arts

Adult Students after a Jiu Jitsu & Thai Boxing session.


Yes, when you learn some form of Martial Art or Personal Protection system you will get in the best shape of your life and be Flexible and Strong.

More importantly, the way we teach our students in classes not only gets them LEAN, FIT and CONFIDENT but also FOCUSED and SELF DISCIPLINED.

After most students take our FREE 14 Day Risk Free Beginners Trial Course, they see just how well our systems help them reach their goals in every area of life and feel more FOCUSED, FIT and CONFIDENT in any situation they may face.


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What’s our Secret…Read on to find out.

Our Training gyms provide a superior curriculum & Instructors for the Adult Kick-Boxing for Fitness or Sport, BJJ, Self Defense and MMA classes. Our Kids Karate Classes teach kids Non Violent Anti Bullying & Abduction techniques as well as practical Self Defense.

Our ADULT program feature Beginners through advanced level classes which keeps students challenged on their way to Black Belt from the best Instructors, Coaches and Fighters in the area personally trained by Master Instructor Dion Riccardo.

Coach Riccardo has been teaching for over 25 years and is highly sought out by school districts, law enforcement and other agencies for his unique training programs.

Kids Martial Arts classes near 60525

Karate builds Rock Solid Kids!

Our KIDS program highlights “Character Development Mat Chats” in every class that the parents love! Our “Mat Chats” teach kids the stuff they don’t learn at school like Respect, Honor, and a Never Quit Attitude.

These same Mat Chats are now being adopted by school districts in our community and we are invited to come speak to the kids often.

Your Child will learn valuable Personal Protection Skills with the Character to know WHEN, WHY and HOW to use their skill. Kids Love the training and it keeps their interest with various awards that they earn monthly!

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For over 25 years Victory MMA Gyms has been helping our students of all ages men & women to reach their goals in their Martial Arts Training as well as the goals they have in life.

How do we do that?

All of our certified instructors go through a rigorous process before they can teach. In fact, our coaches specialize in teaching our exclusive curriculum as well as motivating and Inspiring the students at our school.

They are well trained in making classes FUN and SAFE.

One of the things you will see as you read our reviews is our students talk about the ATMOSPHERE in our gyms.

This is one of the most important elements of finding the RIGHT Mixed Martial Arts Training Class.

You see, if the atmosphere is not good for learning the value and BENEFIT of lessons are lost.

Kickboxing Review Victory MMA Gyms 60525

Facebook Review from one of our mixed martial arts students.

This is why, at Victory Martial Arts Countryside we strive to create a atmosphere that is non intimidating and welcoming.  In fact, when you or your child visit you will be greeted with a smile and our student directors will walk you through every step of the process.

It will be easy to start the routine of coming to classes simply because you or your child will enjoy it and look forward to coming to train.

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Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Student Review

Read this Review!

You will always read about how students got in great shape or a child was able to outsmart a bully without having to use karate skills.

But what’s unique about reviews for Victory is students consistently talk about how their overall LIFE and ATTITUDE has changed and all the other aspects like getting super FIT & LEAN were just the effect of a much larger process of transformation.

We offer the Top Rated training classes in Kick Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Self Defense and kids Karate and you can try it absolutely FREE for 14 day!

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Were confident when you visit our Gyms and start classes you will walk away from classes wanting more and feeling INSPIRED!

Our Schools serve students near the 60525 zip code in the following towns:

  • Hodgkins
  • Burr Ridge
  • La Grange
  • La Grange Highlands
  • McCook
  • Western Springs